Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

Autumn is our favourite season, nothing beats a long walk with the dog in the crisp air, heading to the pub for a pint of ale or a glass of wine, an open fire and some well earned hearty food .... it all sounds so perfect but unfortunately we've hit another hurdle in our time here at The Old George as, just in time for Christmas, we once again find ourselves without a Chef.

It's well known within the trade that there is a national shortage of Chefs ... “Whilst the UK restaurant scene is booming, the shortage of chefs is still a very prevalent issue and one which shows no signs of slowing down."

We work in a turbulent industry, but we are determined, we believe in what we do and we know the Old George is a beautiful pub that deserves to serve its community. So we continue to work relentlessly towards its future and are currently holding interviews to fill the position. We are confident this position will be filled, we just can't confirm when and the last thing we want to do is hire on impulse or desperation..... they say third time lucky right?! ;)

So where does this leave us?? .... With our current staffing we are able to offer lunchtime food from Wednesday to Sunday but have had to reduce our evening offer to just Fridays and Saturdays. Our menu will therefore be a little more simplified but the quality will never be compromised as we still source locally and responsibly.

What about Christmas?? ... This is our trickiest situation, with enquiries coming in daily, we can't, and won't, take bookings without a Chef or menu, some places would take your deposits and wing it, but not us. Christmas is one of the most important celebrations of the year and unless we can give you our absolute best, we won't give it at all. So in short, currently we are unable to take bookings for Christmas dinners/lunches, we aim to have a Chef on board before then so at the very least we should be available for last minute bookings, but this isn't guaranteed. If you wish to have a Christmas social however with drinks and nibbles then do get in touch as this is something we can do.

Silver lining.... WE ARE OPEN, in the current climate that is a feat in itself, and six days a week no less, food will be served five of those days. We have beer and wine and gin and whisky and whatever your tipple is, next week we'll even have mulled cyder, we have fresh barista coffee & hot chocolate available all day, we have the most gorgeous inglenook fireplace and Nicola has become a very adept Sous Chef (which is why you may not see her out the front so much) AND we have a cracking line-up of events coming up to see you through the festivities, keep an eye on the events pages for more info.

So there you have it, we have no chef but we still have our soul, we just need to someone who wants to cook with it.... and if you know anyone please do send them our way.

... watch this space Ickleford ...


Nicola & Victoria