Hey, good lookin', watcha got cookin'?

Hey, good lookin', watcha got cookin'?

Sundays are a main event here at The Old George and Chef Phil has made this week extra special!

PORCHETTA ... roasted Italian pork roll, or pork belly wrapped pork loin to be precise.

A beautiful joint of porchetta has arrived from our local butcher ready to roast for this weeks Sunday special.

Rubbed in fennel seed, garlic, rosemary, thyme & olive oil, it has been cold smoked on cherry wood and left in the fridge to intensify the flavouring. It will be slow-roasted in the early hours of Sunday morning to ensure a moist and tender cook then cranked up right at the end to give a deliciously crisp crackling.

Served with caramelised apples in marsala, crisp roasties and all of the Sunday trimmings it will be available for one at £15, a sharing joint for 2 at £30 or 4 at £60.

Served this SUNDAY 18th Sept, 12-4pm


BOOK NOW using the button below or give us a call 01462 413092 ... & don't forget to pre-order your Porchetta!!