STEAK Thursday

STEAK Thursday

Wood smoked & beechwood grilled...but what does it mean?

Behind the scenes at our Steak night on Thursday 15th Sept....

Head Chef Phil has an impressively modest set-up, a coal grill sits on top of our usual burners, cherry wood burns brightly on the grill lightly smoking anything within its reach. The kitchen is a like a furnace, "it's nothing compared to a bigger kitchen" explains Chef, I took his word for it but just getting close to take a photo of the steaks cooking on the grill was enough to melt my lens let alone my eyes!

It's not an easy environment to cook in, it's hot, smokey, HOT... but the cooking technique is highly effective and the intensity just adds to the incredible depth of flavour.

Smoking food is a great way to introduce unique flavours, there are many different types of hardwood you can use, Chef has used hickory, ash & maple previously but tonight he smoked with cherrywood, a distinctive sweet smoke, and cooked on beechwood coals, a mild wood with a delicate smoke so it doesn't overpower the main event, the meat. The possibilities however are endless, burgers, fish, vegetables, a sold out special of 1/2 cornfed chicken brined in chilli & garlic and finished off on the wood grill looked mouthwatering.

The menu changes weekly, anything from 500g rib on the bone for two, Chateuabriand, 10oz rib-eye, hake & squid to lamb kebab. A sample menu on our event pages will give you an idea of what to expect and although it may differ, you won't be disappointed with what's on offer.

All of the mains come with a choice of two sides and a sauce, if you can handle it I also highly recommend one of the seasonal desserts with a 'jolly good' mint tea or fresh espresso to finish off a delicious Thursday evening.

S T E A K T H U R S D A Y - served 6-9pm every week

BOOKING RECOMMENDED (Always a fish, bird & veggie option)